Friday, December 12, 2008

Parliament House(Sansad Bhawan)

Parliament HouseParliament House

Visiting Sansad Bhavan or Parliament House is a must on your Delhi Trip as this is one of the most famous of the more recent Buildings housed in Delhi. It was originally named The Circular House because of its shape and was designed by Herbert Baker. It officially opened in 1927 and has been in use ever since. Pillars that stand erect like sentinels make this building unique with a new age edge to it and it is quite hidden away on Parliament Street, unlike other important buildings that stand in Delhi today. Once you come near to Sansad Bhavan you will taste its grandeur that came into being during the reforms period of 1919/1927. There are many sights and sounds of Delhi that are unforgettable to the Onlooker and these three places of interest should also captivate The Traveler's interest.

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