Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Enjoy the Tasty Chole Bhature in Delhi

If you are food lover, then I am here suggest you three famous chole bhature shop where you can eat yummy North India most popular mouth watering fast food. In Delhi, you can find dozens of famous chole bhature shop, but I want to suggest only three as I already tasted the chole bhature in these food shop :

Prem Di Hatti : This is my first favorite in the list. The shop is located near Rajouri Garden metro station. The taste of lassi is awesome. Don't miss lassi with Chole Bhature. You will get awesome taste of chutni and the pickles in the plate. I ate 50 Rs plate, but now I have to check the rate.

Bille Di Hatti: Another popular fast food shop for chole bhature located in Kamla Nagar. Pure Punjabi style chole bhature with lassi. I again recommend lassi with chole bhature to get the great taste of Punjabi Chole Bhature.

Sita Ram Diwan Chand: If you just reached New Delhi station, then go to Paharganj to enjoy the taste of Chole Bhature. The rate is 50 Rs and available before 5:00 PM. The bhature is made with the use of less oil and you will definately enjoy the yummy spicy black chole.

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