Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Must See Places in Your Next Delhi Visit

Home to several UNESCO World Heritage sites and an array of historical monuments, Delhi attracts millions of tourists from all over the world as a heritage destination. Besides the overwhelming elegance of its Mughal heritages the city offers intriguing contrast between the chaotic old Delhi with its old era buildings and marketplaces and well planned New Delhi with its steel smooth roads, gigantic shopping arcades and malls and plush landscape gardens. While touring the city for the first time Delhi serviced apartments are nice options for a comfortable stay at your budget. Delhi holds both the charm of Mughal ruled heritages of Old Delhi and ambitiously haughty up-market lifestyle of New Delhi. This typical blend of old world charm with modernity makes this city so special for tourists and visitors.

Do not Miss the Must See Heritages
Delhi had been the capital of so many empires and rulers for centuries, most notably of Mughals who gave Delhi its greatest share of heritage monuments. These heritages are still the biggest draw for tourists from all parts of the globe. If you want to stay in a well connected location for travelling around easily Delhi serviced apartments can be the nice option. Two of the most sought after heritage monuments of Mughal era are Red Fort and Jama Masjid which are located near Chandni Chowk in North Delhi. With a radius of 2 kilometers the mammoth red stone built Red Fort is Delhi’s most revered monument ever since it was built. The stunning architecture of Jama Masjid is also nearby, just on the other side of the Chandni Chowk market. Pushing through the chaos and confusion of Chandni Chowk is itself a shocking experience especially for its contrast with the orderly streets of New Delhi. Humayun’s Tomb near the Nizamuddin Railway Station in New Delhi is another great heritage monument that was built long before Red Fort. This beautiful monument actually had been the inspiration for world famous Taj Mahal. For visiting the tallest brick minaret in the world Qutab Minar you have to travel all the way to South Delhi in Mehrauli area. This stupendous minaret was built in 1206, long before Mughals invaded India and became the rulers.

Get a Feel of Tradition, Culture and Faith
Coming to Delhi you can also get acquainted with the tradition, culture and aspects of faith through some of the most important temples, religious shrines and places for offering prayer. Among these religiously and culturally important places Akshardham Temple in New Delhi near Noida Mor is a spectacular architecture that any visitor will find quite overwhelming. This huge temple is registered by Guinness Book of World Records as the biggest Hindu temple in the world. Bahai temple near Nehru Place in South Delhi with its beautiful lotus shaped architecture is another significant place to visit.

Finally, experience the setting sun leaving its orange glow on the war memorial of India Gate while the fast pace evening traffic roll by.  A sense of history with its melancholic charm will make the best of your last evening in this heritage city.

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