Sunday, August 30, 2009

Delhi Travel Tips for Foreign Tourists

Delhi is the beautiful city and the place of historical monuments. These monuments attracts large number of tourists from around the world. If you are planning for Delhi travel, you should be aware of the society of and lifestyle of Delhiites. Here are some safety tips for the foreigners are tourists :

  • Delhi is either extremly hot in the summer or very cold in the winter. So the best season to visit Delhi during the period of January to March and September to November.
  • Beware of unknown travel guides and travel agents. Conform your travel tickets, accommodation, etc in advance.
  • Keep safety to your luggage and other belongings specially at railway stations, airports, bus terminals and crowdy places.
  • Be cautious of the pickpocket while moving around in crowded places or buses. Keep your purses and wallets safely.
  • Donot carry too much of cash while moving. Use plastic money instead of using cash. When you need money, use ATM for the cash.
  • Police PCR vans are available if you face any threat from the stranger or just dial 100 number for help.
  • If you are female, prefer wearing full troursers instead of capri, flimsy, or mini specially in Old Delhi areas.
  • A map of Delhi will help tourists avoid getting lost in the city. In this case, get help from Delhi traffic police.

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